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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 12:04 pm
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Well here it is:

I'd only played a couple of hands on this table after being moved and had around average tourn stack. I got AK suited (lovely) but I got myself into a muddle on how to play it. I didn't know the players well enough to know how they'd react to a 3-bet, and a 3-bet could've easily lead to an all-in situation given that almost 1/4 of my stack would've been in the middle and there were similar stacks behind me as well as the one who'd raised. I didn't fancy getting it all-in with 40+ BBs at that point and that was probably my first mistake.

Of course the call meant my hand strength was disguised and I convinced myself that this was a good thing too.

I was disappointed that the blinds called. The flop was wet and so i put out a "teaser" bet for info. After the BB called I was concerned as J10 was already there and flush draw was live. When it was checked to me on the turn I made a bad mistake. I bet because I felt it could give the impression that I'D hit the flush and that might fold out any non-flush hands but keep in any King with low kicker hands. Instead I got the re-raise and I just couldn't fold. I should've done, I think, but I knew I always had the chance of board pairing or Ace coming but the stats were against me.

I folded the river and the villain later said he had a straight flush but one of the other players said they had had the J of spades and therefore that was impossible.

I should have checked the turn instead of betting. That was my big mistake, I think.

Any thoughts? I've been kicking myself about this hand for some time Sad

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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 12:22 pm
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check back the turn. then call or vbet river.
Betting the turn is turning your hand into a bluff as he cant beat anything and will fold out any hand that loses.
maximie their range but cheking the turn and get some bluffs. some two pair hand to bet or possibly call your v-bet.
you are v-bet folding a high percentage due to hi river hand range on an all in though.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:00 am
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AK is the most over played hand in hold-em. The bet on the turn could only be called by hands that have a good draw to beat you. The call on the flop should have set off an alarm bell in your mind. The turn K is your set card but also a flush completer, so a check or a smaller bet, which could be seen as a "please call me" bet, would have been more appropriate. It is always difficult when you get beat when holding a strong hand. This is a board game and sometime the luck factor cam be very difficult. I very often also just call pre flop with AK also. If do not hit the flop I am done with slick as cheaply as possible.
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