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Barny Boatman
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Super-model and fossils in Parisian zombie love triangle!

Summer Tournament WPT, Paris
€10,000 No Limit Hold'em WPT
Report by Barny on Sunday, 18 July 2004 at 6:31 pm

Season three of the World Poker Tour kicked off yesterday at the Aviation Club in Paris. We’ve all had a bit of rest since the Vic where I finished two off the money in the big one (congratulations to El Blondie for another great performance there) and confidence in the camp was at it’s highest since Vegas.

We all went over on Friday night to have dinner with the Prima qualifiers - apart from Ross who was on his last day of filming in a heart warming family drama involving Santa Claus and a zombie love triangle. The disturbing trend toward extreme youth and excessive physical fitness amongst new players was exemplified by our guests who included a teenage marathon champion from Sweden and an all-in wrestler from Wisconsin who is still working on his first beard.

At two-hundred and five the field was roughly double last year’s. This was partly due to the huge American contingent but the swelling of the ranks must have owed a lot to the presence of Caprice! It was probably the toughest field ever assembled in main-land Europe and I was not surprised to find Marcel Luske Steve Zolotow and World Champion Greg Ramyer lined up on my left. Greg, who seems like a real nice guy, was surrounded by his famous collection of ‘antique fossils’, you’d think that with five million lumps in his kick he could afford some modern ones.

After what happened to me in the World Series, I get a sinking feeling whenever I’m dealt Jacks these days. I got into a big pot with Raymer, calling for almost all my chips with pocket Jacks when I put him on a flush draw. I was right, so I guess I did the right thing, but as Jesse May said, ‘how can it have been a good call? He hasn’t missed a flush draw in six months!’ At almost the same moment Ross called from in front with Jacks and also ended up losing to a flush. Ram followed soon after and we all headed for the bar. ‘What can I get you?’ asked our friend Tamar. ‘Drunk’ say’s I.

Gus Hansen is going well in the tournament and if he comes first I could be in for an argument with Matt Savage as he had a nice few quid with me on an American winner. Matt, if you’re reading this, I was in Helsinki last November voting for Gus to be European Player of the year. So don’t even think about claiming him.

Joe made it to day two but was soon out, and not for the first time it was left to the qualifiers to fly the flag. I hear that one of them knocked out Caprice and he will not be a popular man right now. I hope it was the wrestler or the marathon man as he’s gonna have to stand and fight or run like the wind if Dave Ulliot bumps into him!

WPT ACF, Paris. Euro 10,000 NLH 205 Entrants

The Final Six

Seat 1 Surinder Sunar 202k
Seat 2 Tony G 442k
Seat 3 David Colclough 338k
Seat 4 Peter Roche 615k
Seat 5 Jim Overman 358k
Seat 6 Ben Roberts 99k

Payout Structure

1st. €679 860
2nd €339 960
3rd €203 960
4th €135 970
5th €101 980
6th €84 980

Full Result

1st Surinder Sunar (United Kingdom) €679 860
2nd Tony G (Australia) €339 960
3rd Jim Overman (United States) €203 960
4th Peter Roche (Ireland) €135 970
5th Ben Roberts (United Kingdom) €101 980
6th Dave Colclough (United Kingdom) €84 980
7th Michel Akrich (France) €67 985
8th Thang Nguyen (Germany) €50 990
9th David Grey (United States) €33 995
10th Markus Golser (Austria) €25 000
11th Chip Reece (United States) €22 000
12th Rob Hollink (Holland) €19 000
13th Igor Brodski (Russia) €17 000
14th Ayhan Alsancak (Turkey) €15 000
15th Per Werner Svensson (Sweden) €14 000
16th Erik Kesselman (United States) €13 000
17th Fred Bonyadi (United States) €12 000
18th Mikael Panker (United States) €11 000
19th Sami Farha (United States) €10 000
20th David Merhmand (Germany) €10 000
21st William Seery (Scotland) €10 000
22nd Alexander Kravchenko (Russia) €10 000
23rd Mads Andersen (Sweden) €10 000
24th David Benyamine (France) €10 000
25th Achilleas Kallakis (United States) €10 000
26th Connie Rinaldi (United States) €10 000
27th Sami Torbey (France) €10 000

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