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Barny Boatman
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Say goodnight to the singing Dutchman

Poker Classics 2003, London
£1,500 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Barny on Sunday, 12 October 2003 at 3:49 am

For me the week at the Vic has been a bit of a slog. I don’t think I ever got knocked out before 3.00 am and by the night of the main event I was shattered. I’d had two minor money placings and it didn’t feel like enough. Still, it’s amazing how you perk up when the first hand is dealt. One hour in, I bluffed off half my chips in one pot and pretty soon I was down to two thousand out of ten. At least it looked like it wasn’t going to be a late one for once. But I hung on in and things started to go my way after Marcel Luske and I both went all in with a pair of fives each against a man holding AJ. Incredibly, me and the Flying Dutchman split the pot and it was almost worth having to listen to him burst into song. At least when he’s singing he’s not telling poker stories.
Meanwhile at the next table Ram was down to 500 when he flopped a set in a multi way pot and in no time he was up to 30,000!
Form is a funny thing, and when Ross got into a big pot with Joe you knew who was going to come up smelling of Roses. Joe made a small raise with Aces and a couple of players called to hit a flop. Ross has deuces and it came three spades with a two. Joe bet and Ross made a huge all in move. It had to be trips or a flush. After some thought Joe called. He had the Ace of spades. In the event an Ace came, and Joe took most of Ross’s chips. Ross went out a while later. He really hasn’t had the rub of the green this week.
Meanwhile I was up to 17,000 and all the late nights were forgotten as I dreamed of glory. When the man one off the button doubled my big blind I made the cheap call with KJ of spades. Did I say it was cheap? I check raised 6,000 on the flop. It was Jack high with two spades! He called and I planned to move all in on the turn, but the turn came a third spade. I checked and he moved all in. I knew the danger but couldn’t pass. I flipped over my hand and it seemed an age before he rolled over A 10 of spades. Both the Boatman boys had been buried by the Ace of spades. The good news? It was only two a.m. and I was finally in for an early night!

By the way, I have been corrected by Gary Jones on something I put in my last diary entry. It was not Robin Keston’s Ferrari he wrote off, it was his own. He bought it a couple of weeks ago for eighty grand which would now just about cover his insurance premium. He also bought a very large house, so at least now he’ll always have somewhere to crash!

Back at the tournament Ram and Joe are still going strong. There’s a new book going up on Betfair this morning and the way they’re running I’m tempted to back them both.

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