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Barny Boatman
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Oodles of Boodles

The Midland Masters 2003, Walsall
£250 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Barny on Saturday, 29 November 2003 at 5:09 pm

Just a very quick one today as we were all out celebrating Ram’s victory yesterday in the £500 no-limit. It was a brilliant marathon performance, requiring focus, dedication, commitment, fitness and skill over many hours. But enough about the party, Ram did well in the tournament too! Nice one Ram.
Do you know what a’ boodle’ is by the way? I’ll give you a clue. Ram was walking round with quite a few of them yesterday.
Ram’s final ended as the £250 Omaha began and he jumped straight in with the rest of us. Joe and I were still there two tables out, I finally gambled with no hand which got me no chips and Joe finished in his now familiar super sub position 12th. Unlucky Joe.
We are all just crawling out of bed now in time for the main event which starts in less than an hour.
More later…

Full Result £ 500 No Limit Holdem
2 Rebuys + Add On 90 Minutes

106 Entries / 76 Rebuys / £ 91,000

1st Ram 'CrazyHorse' Vaswani (Hendon) £22,300
2nd Gareth Jones (England) £13,040
2nd Marcus Michael (England) £13,040
2nd Dave Gardner (England) £13,040
2nd M Davis £13,040
6th Frankie Knight (England) £3,050
7th G Simcock £2,600
8th Paul Maxfield (England) £2,600
9th P Walker £2,150
10th Alan McClean (England) £2,150
11th Teddy Tuil (Israel) £500
12th M Crossan £500
13th George Geary (England) £500
14th E Katzi (England) £500
15th Rocky Ross Boatman (Hendon) £500
16th Tony Kendall £500
17th George McKeever (N.Ireland) £500
18th Sheila Moloney £500

...and the full result of the £ 250 Pot Limit Omaha
Unlimited Rebuys + Add On 90 Minutes

80 Entries / 99 Rebuys / £ 44,750

1st Paul Testud (France) £9,170
2nd K Broad £7,350
2nd D Mayall £5,220
2nd J Falconer £8,260
2nd Dave Gardner (England) £5,830
6th Alan McClean (England) £4,000
7th S Auyenng £1,340
8th M Crossan £1,340
9th Richard Ashby (England) £1,120
10th Ash Pervais (England) £1,120

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