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Barny Boatman
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Marty Starts the Party

The Irish Winter Tournament 2003, Dublin
€200 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Barny on Friday, 24 October 2003 at 2:48 pm

With a week’s break between the Vic and the Irish Winter Festival I should have been well rested for the Dublin leg of The Tour, but a heavy cold and a bit of root canal surgery have put me on the back foot. Still, there’s worse places to make a recovery.
We love coming to Dublin, we’ve got a lot of good friends here and there is no more enjoyable place to play than the Merrion Card Casino. As I walked into the lobby of our hotel it was nice to see the avuncular tournament chief ‘Gentleman’, Liam Flood extending a hand towards me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the hand containing the treble whiskey. Liam was flanked by Thomas Kremser the famous Late Night Poker tournament director from Vienna. ‘I thought I needed help’ Liam explained.
‘We’ve known that for years Liam!’.
The Merrion is not like any casino in the world. It is a huge Georgian house with tables on every floor, and a restaurant in the basement. When it’s busy it's more like a massive house party than anything else. The club was buzzing last night. They come from all over Ireland for this event. Cork, Derry, Dublin, Belfast…Plenty of the British faces are here too. Dave Colclough, Willie Tann, Mick The Clock… Rumour has it that some of the snooker stars will be in town for the main event. To complete the international feel we have the usual cocktail of dealers from Ireland England Scotland and France. They greet you like old friends, and the chat, which the dealers take part in, is above all what makes playing in Dublin so special.
The opening event was EU 200 no limit holdem. It was sold out with thirty reserves! The Irish are amongst the best players in the world and poker really is getting massive here. Sat on my left was my great friend ‘Mad’ Marty Wilson, fresh from his third place finish at the Vic main event and a very good run on the horses. He talked and sang his way through the rebuy period and for quite a while was going all-in blind every hand. Did this tactic work for him? Let’s just say that in Dublin a rebuy is now known as a ’Marty’. He did get a few chips together and when the rebuys were over he was at the bar playing ‘a round of each’.
It wasn’t a bad table for me and I got off to a reasonable start. I could see that Ross was on a very tight table, but as always was hanging in there and building steadily. I heard Joe and Ram getting called to the cash games and I knew tonight it would be down to the brothers to get a result. As the tables melted away, it was nice to look over and see Ross smiling back, but sometime after midnight they finally got him.
There were 750,000 chips in play and I had between 40 and 50 thousand three tables out. Down to two tables and I was flying by the seat of my pants. The cards weren’t coming for me and having got a bit low I moved all in several times and built a big stack before finally getting called and losing a 100,000 evens shot. With just enough left to pay my big blind I won with 7,2 and built back from there. I made it to the final but was going to need to win the first big hand I played. Former world champion Noel Furlong was playing a fearsome game and had a huge stack in front of him. Two players went out in the first hand and two more of us followed not long after. It was nice to make another final but I was a bit disappointed with 7th place. Still, there will be 153 disappointed people…and Noel Furlong who won the trophy! Congratulations to him. It all starts again tonight in the Pot Limit Omaha. Ross is current Irish champion in this event and I expect a good showing from him.

Full Result Euro 200 NLH

Entries : 153 Rebuys : 103 Prize Fund : €51,400

1st Noel Furlong €19960
2nd Dave Callaghan €7510
3rd Brian Laggan €7510
4th Shelia Moloney €4112
5th John Larkin €2570
6th Gerry Browne €2056
7th Barny Boatman €1542
8th David Shields €1028
9th Kevin Kileen €1028
10th - 13th €771
14th-18th €200

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