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Barny Boatman
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Home and away.

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$450 Pot Limit Hold'em
Report by Barny on Tuesday, 6 January 2004 at 11:58 am

Someone once asked an Aussie what was the best thing about England and quick as a flash he answered: ‘France’. It’s a fair point; the only fault I can really find with this country is its uncompromising lack of proximity to just about anywhere. Even within Australia there is so much space that Perth for instance is officially the furthest place from any other place on the planet. It’s no wonder that when Australians make it over to Europe they have the sense to hang around for a year or two. – I had a load of them sharing my flat until quite recently -.
We are not quite so smart. Every January The Mob and others leave our ancient damp and crowded continent and pop in on the hemisphere next door. It’s a bit of a schlep just to play a few hands of poker and fly back home when there’s so much out there to see, but work must come first and we’ll squeeze the tourism in when we can.
After the endless string of flights from London to Amsterdam to Singapore to Jakarta to Denpasar to Adelaide the final leg of the journey really is like coming home. In this casual country even the geographical features have names that sound more like the playground than the Atlas - Oh look, there’s good old Mount Lofty -. And as you sweep in over the flat green Home and Away suburbs you see Melbourne City Centre jutting into the sky like the Emerald City. Home.
Imagine all the Californians had been evicted from their State and replaced by Brits, Greeks, Italians, Lebanese and South East Asians. That’s Australia: Sunshine and Irony. Parts of Melbourne look like San Francisco, but it is full of people who think like Europeans.

Today was the $500 Pot limit Hold-em freezeout. I was chip leader when we went to two tables but lost every pot I played for the last hour or so and finished up missing the final table. Still, it goes like that sometimes and there’s nothing you can do. It was another money finish (O.K., a ‘money back finish’) I suppose, and the bigger tournaments start tomorrow with the pot limit Omaha. I split that event here two years ago and I’m going to stick my neck out and predict a good Mob showing tomorrow. But if I get knocked out early it may be time for a bit of that tourism. I’m hoping to get down the coast and drop in on some of Keith Sloan’s relatives: the penguins.

A$500 PLH Freezout Result 130 Entrants

1st Andy Glazer $17,076
2nd Jesse Jones $10,866
3rd John Madaffari $5,692
4th Gerry Fitt $4,140
5th Craig Sheppard $3,622
6th Fred Saliba $3,105
7th Sam Korman $2,587
8th Mike Ivin $2,070
9th Michael Frydman $1,552
10th Lou Svizzero $1,035
11th - 20th $500 each

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