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Barny Boatman
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Hey Mister...can we have our ball back ?

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$500 Limit Hold'em
by Barny on Saturday, 27 September 2003 at 9:51 pm

To be a winning tournament player it helps to be confident, but not complacent. The present obliterates the past and our good showing in the first tournament of The Tour was long forgotten when I walked away from the limit stud comp unable to believe I had gone from being huge chip leader at the halfway point to an also ran an hour or so later. I’m still not certain how it happened. Yesterday, the limit Omaha really looked like it would belong to Ram. He was chip leader in the final at one point but it was one of those days when the short stacks kept doubling up and it was frustrating to watch him playing a perfect game and having to settle for fifth. ‘The Horse’ is not a place horse by nature. Last night he took us for a Mexican, which was unusual; when I’m here I normally get taken for an Australian! Not a single hand was recounted as we worked our way down the beer and cocktail menu. It may well have been the Tequila that made the Letterman show seem so hilarious last night. They have a bit where you can bet on whether something is going to sink or float. Last night’s dunkee was twenty pounds of chocolate chip cookie dough. Sink or float? How would you bet? I know Ram would have backed his judgement with whatever he had left of his winnings. As it was he spent the morning by the pool picking out American Football teams to back tomorrow. He knows his stuff and probably stands a better chance with the NFL than on the Pai Gow. (Or ‘Cow Pie’ as our dyslexic friend Kevin O’Connell calls it).
Joining us by the pool this morning was Ross’s nine month old son, my godson, Buster Boatman. Ross and I were pretending that my nose made a loud hoot when you touched it. This game provided hours of amusement, and for all I know Buster may have enjoyed it too.
In the first four tournaments of The Tour there have already been three “yellow on yellow” incidents where a Mobster has knocked out another Mobster. I wonder what the odds of that are in fields averaging a hundred runners.
Today’s tournament was a $500 limit holdem freezout. This is a game in which Ram almost won a World Series bracelet last year and I made a WSOP final too, so we shouldn’t had been overawed, although it really is the Americans game. Joe never got started and was busted out after a couple of hours, Ross followed about half an hour later. The good news is they’ll be well rested for tomorrow’s pot limit Omaha, a game they both excel in. I predict at least one of those two will make the final. I kept up with the action for another three hours. Peter Costa was on the next table and I never once saw his stack change size. He is the short stack master. Ram meanwhile was clearly relaxed and seemed to be steadily building. My luck ran out when we got to three tables and I left it to the two best European Limit holdem players to take on the Americans at their favourite game.
I was busted out just in time to do a live interview about The Tour with Rudi Schiffer of Good Times Radio. He asked me what the difference between European and American players was. I said it was that we don’t carry guns. Obviously I was kidding; I mean… we are The Mob!
Back to the card room and Peter had gone. Ram was looking focused. They broke for dinner with fourteen players left. He had a little under the average chips, but they move around fast at this stage of a limit comp. A bit too fast as it turned out. Fifteen minutes after the break he was hit in the gut by freak middle pin and lost most of his stack. One hand later he was out, just shy of the money. But a miss is as good as a mile and we left the last thirteen Americans to play their own game in their own back yard. Tomorrow we’ll be back over the wall to ask for our ball back.

Result $500 Limit Holdem Freeze Out 95 Entrants

1 Muhamad Sani $18,430
Seattle, WA
2 "M.N." $10,595
Southern California
3 Doug Saab $5,530
Birmingham, AL
4 Frankie O'Dell $3,225
Denver, CO
5 David Ritter $2,535
Austin, TX
6 John Strzemp $2,075
Las Vegas, NV
7 Denny Qutame $1,615
South San Francisco, CA
8 Herb Van Dyke $1,150
Virginia Beach, VA
9 John Wood $920
Meredith, NH

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