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Barny Boatman
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Hands across the water

Poker Classics 2003, London
£300 Pot Limit Hold'em
by Barny on Tuesday, 7 October 2003 at 2:59 am

Bear with me; I may have to tell a couple of poker stories just to justify the corny title of this diary entry!
It has to be said; it was a great and well run festival, but after the elation of the first few days the final event at the Four Queens was an anti climax for The Mob. I don’t think one of us so much as doubled his starting chips. Unheard of! I played all day on a lively table with Daniel Negreanu and Peter Costa, and having watched them both it was no surprise that one made the final chip leader and the other hung on to get there with the shortest stack. We didn’t stick around to see how it turned out though; we had a plane to catch and a date with The Vic in London.
Our flight to LA was full and one of the seats was declining to cease reclining. After much deliberation the captain returned from the runway and the last standby passenger had to get off. Bad beat. We had been back on the runway half an hour when someone decided that we still couldn’t fly with a dodgy seat even if it was empty. So we went back and a mechanic was called for. The maestro arrived armed with a huge array of tools and twenty odd years experience of maladjusted aviation seating. He instantly grabbed the seat with both hands and yanked it forward. Sorted! So we took off two hours late and missed our connection by one minute. Bad beat.
There was nothing to do but sit in a bar and watch the final NFL match in Ram’s accumulator. The first five had won and he was free-rolling for large. In the excitement someone sent their beer flying leaving a huge sticky pool on the floor round our table. The barman had his eyes glued to the TV but when we asked for something to deal with the mess he sprung into action. In an instant he had placed a ‘Caution, Wet Floor!’ sign in the middle of the puddle and gone back to watching the game! I liked his casual Mexican take on the American ‘Can do’ spirit.
After six hours we got a flight out of LA and landed in London with just enough time to drop off our bags, shower and head for the Victoria Sporting Club for the first event of this week’s festival; £300 pot limit holdem. There were over a hundred runners and all the old faces were there. During the first couple of hours Ram gambled energetically, Ross and I built steadily and Joe got chips thrown at him from all directions. Five hours into the tournament there were four tables left and Joe was a big chip leader with 55,000 chips (we stared with 3,000). Ram was well ahead of the pace with 25,000 and I was hanging in with 9,000. I had survived two all-ins during the evening, twice as many as in the entire Four Queens festival, but I paid the price for being short stacked, going out on an evens shot.
I left the boys in good shape and I would not bet against them both reaching the final. They both look solid, focused and totally knackered! There is an impregnable look about Joe’s massive neatly piled stack. I think his name may be on this one. Fingers crossed for a great start to the second leg of the world famous Prima Poker Tour.

Stop press: Here is the position at close of play: With thirteen left Ram is out but Joe is still wearing the yellow jersey.

Table X

Seat 2 Shah Koumi 35,500
Seat 3 Mike Magee 74,000
Seat 4 Andy Norman 44,500
Seat 5 M Farooq 51,500
Seat 6 Sonny Osman 31,000
Seat 7 A Thorp 42,500
Seat 8 Bruno Micciardi 22,000

Table Y

Seat 2 Graham Pound 15,500
Seat 3 Joe Beevers 99,000
Seat 4 Carlo Citrone 33,000
Seat 6 Thierry Doudrich 15,500
Seat 8 E Overland 63,000
Seat 9 Ali Maloo 97,000

Play resumes at 2.30pm 1000/2000 Blinds

107 Entrants 18 Paid

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