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Barny Boatman
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Bingo, Monopoly and Hi-Lo

Poker Classics 2003, London
£200 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Report by Barny on Wednesday, 8 October 2003 at 6:30 am

Congratulations to Joe ‘The Elegance’ Beevers who defeated the fearsome Ali Maloo yesterday to win the opening event of The Victoria Casino’s Poker Classics 2003, the £300 pot limit hold-em. He led the field from start to finish and played an excellent game throughout, beating jet lag as well as the 107 player field. I did tell you he’d do it. I’ve got a horse in the 3.30 this afternoon if you’re interested…
Pausing briefly to count his winnings, Joe sat down to play the second event, the £200 hi-lo Omaha. He ran well for a while but he actually looked quite relieved when he lost his chips a couple of hours in and was able to take the rest of the day off. After all there’s no harm in counting the twenty three large again, it’s better than sheep. Sweet dreams Joe.
The rest of us still had work to do, and we were having fun. Ross was running well until he clashed with former Swedish Monopoly champion Ken ‘The Top Hat’ Lennard. They both flopped huge hands and for Ross there was no escape. Ken is into Thai kick boxing now, so when he tells you to go back to Old Kent Road you’d better hop on a bus.
Ram was building an impressive stack and I did a lot of gambling to get up to thirty odd thousand chips at the half way stage.
I’ve told you before that we don’t tell bad beat stories in The Mob, and this isn’t really one, but if you see me today you can claim your dollar. Everyone in poker has a ‘doctor’, someone they just can’t seem to beat in a pot. Ram, who has knocked me out of more comps than anyone else, is my regular doctor, but Robin Kesner is the specialist I get referred to for more exotic beats. He knocked me on the bubble in a big holdem comp this year when he cracked my Aces with Jack three, so I should have known better than to get it all in before the flop with double suited boots against the man who has made his fortune from bingo. Robin had not had the best of days, as Gary ‘The Choirboy’ Jones, who I thought was too young to drive, had totalled his Ferrari; hopefully the sixty thousand pot helped make up for it.
I was left with a few chips and got right back into the game before finding a great hand to take on Aces. So I took on Aces. I got up from the table, leaving Ram still in with twenty players left. He had around twenty five thousand chips, about average at that point, and was clearly playing a very patient game. In a strong field I make him one of the favourites. Maybe I should double him up with that horse in the 3.30…

Result Monday 06 October 7.30pm (Final Tuesday 2.30pm)

£ 300 Pot Limit Holdem
Unlimited Rebuys + Add On 90 Minutes

107 Entries / 101 Rebuys / £ 62,400

1st Joe 'The Elegance' Beevers (England) £23,712
2nd A Mullu £12,480
3rd Bruno Micchiardi (Italy) £6,864
4th Sonny Osman (England) £4,680
5th Espen Overland (Norway) £2,808
6th Mike Magee (Ireland) £2,496
7th M Farooq £2,184
8th Andrew Norman (England) £1,872
9th Shar Koumi (England) £1,560
10th A Thorpe £624
11th Carlo Citrone (England) £468
12th Graham Pound (England) £468
13th T Doudrich £468
14th Thiery Mullin (France) £468
15th Don O'Callaghan (England) £312
16th J Cooze £312
17th Samir Jabak (England) £312
18th Mel Judah (Australia) £312

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