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Barny Boatman
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Aces back to back

British Open, London
Report by Barny on Tuesday, 16 March 2004 at 5:51 pm

Today’s diary is brought to you by the letter V and the number zero.

We are playing at the Vic now but I thought I’d just fill you in on our last couple of days in Vienna. Ram went into day two of the main event as chip leader and his stack veered between average and huge for most of the day. Eventually he lost his chips to a certain soft spoken Irishman called Peter Roach to finish one off the final. As Peter sat down at the final table on day three, we were all playing the EU 1,000 no limit event. With about fifteen players left I had more than average chips. Joe and Ross were on the other table with nice chips too and we were starting to fancy a good result.

Ross and I had our backs to each other and we both found aces at the same moment. We turned to each other simultaneously and said. ‘Look bruv, I’ve got it all in with the boots!’ He had his all in pre-flop against AQ off suit, so his victory was guaranteed. My chips were more at risk, as my raise had been called by the big blind and I’d got it all in on a flop of 3,4,9 with two diamonds, against 10 8 of diamonds. Still, all I had to do was funk two black cards. Easy. And down they came, a black Jack and a black seven. Weighed in. I looked over to confirm that Ross would be joining Joe and I in the final, in time to see the first two flop cards come Queen, Queen! Poor old Ross. I turned back to gather my chips and saw the dealer pushing them to the other bloke. I was so intent on Ross’s hand that I was the only one at the table not to have spoted that he had made a straight! O.K. O.K. so I just told two bad beat stories at once, but it was either that or one of Ram’s poems.

Joe was lucky enough not to be dealt the aces but nothing went his way in the final and he was unfortunate to do no better than eighth. Congratulations to plastic surgeon Michael Keiner who won the event and to Peter Roach who picked up the big one. Nice to see two of the good guys get the gravy.

We flew home yesterday morning and were playing in the Vic last night. None of us made today’s final despite managing to avoid the Aces. Tonight is the High-Low, perhaps the most enjoyable event of the week. Ram has promised us a limerick about it.

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