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Barny Boatman
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A Chip off the Old Stack

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$1,000 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Barny on Wednesday, 1 October 2003 at 7:45 pm

I have a lot of trouble sleeping here and I’ve long since exhausted all the decent pay per view movies at the Nugget. This morning Ram tried to convince me of the merits of Dumb and Dummerer. ‘The first one was great.’ He assured me. ‘What was it called again?’
Last night, for some reason I finally got my first good night’s sleep of the trip. Four solid hours! I sat down to play the $1,000 No limit Holdem, feeling fresh and focused, which just goes to show …
The trickle of big name players flying in each day has become a flood. In a field of 127 every table had a Seidel, Hellmuth, Duke or Flack. It was like the reunion of a school for gifted unruly kids. Phil Hellmuth made his usual hour late entrance, striding across the room grinning at no-one in particular from behind his mirrored shades. Layne Flack was joking and jumping around in his seat like the southern cat on a hot tin roof he is. You could hardly hear the clatter of the chips for the rattle of gold bracelets and the chatter of champions’ competing tales of high stakes games and crazy coups.
We all started well. I was building steadily without showing hands. Ram got an instant double up and Ross and Joe were looking solid. We were playing our best game, in the game we play best.
I was chip leader on my table for a while, but tables were breaking all around us and a couple of fearsome stacks arrived. One guy claimed to have busted six players in one hand. He certainly had the chips to back up his story. Ross came to my table and walked into a big blind mystery hand. Ram soon followed, and Joe and I both took big hits in even money pots which dropped us behind the pace.
In the Hendon Mob we have a rule that if you tell a bad beat story you must pay a dollar to everyone you tell it to. I’m not sure how many of you read this diary so I won’t risk sending myself skint, but I may spend a buck tonight telling it to everyone who cares. I was knocked out by Chip Jet who may have had his mind on other things. With twenty five players left (eighteen get paid) he got word that his girlfriend’s waters had broken. The entire field agreed to him taking his $1,000 back and his $6,500 in chips was taken off the table. I remember a similar thing happening to Steve ‘Shortstack’ Templeman in Luton. So, best wishes to Chip and his girlfriend, I hope the baby is a chip off the old stack.
Joe hung on in and had a bit of a build up. He finally went out in twenty third place when Eric Seidel made what can only be described as a remarkable preflop call. Eric had made it six hundred from early position and Joe moved in for 2,200 more from the button with two nines. The call cost Eric almost half his stack and he made it with A 10. I think one of the reasons he makes calls like this is so you’ll think twice and three times before trying to make him pass.
So, another quiet day for the Mob but we have plenty of reason to be confident about the main event. I’ve just seen the trophy and it’s just about the best I’ve ever seen. I believe there’ll be a few readies on offer too!

127 Entrants
1st An Tran $48,890
2nd Erik Seidel $24,450
3rd Anthony Tran
4th Billy Tesene $7,335
5th Dan McGuire $5,500
6th Jimmy Tran $4,280
7th Phil Hellmuth $3,055
8th Harley Hall $2,445
9th Mohammed Rauf $1,930

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