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Barny Boatman
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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Ireland come out of hiding for heads up rematch.

By Barny Boatman

Back in the spring of 2003 the Hendon Mob played an elite Irish team headed by Padraig Parkinson in the first annual Ireland vs England Heads up challenge. The Irish now tell us that as over two and a half years have gone by, the second annual event is just about due. Good thing come to those who wait, right? The match will take place at Dublin's City West Hotel during the Irish Poker Championships which, I'm delighted to say, we will all be playing in from this Friday, January 6th. As before we will use Jon Shoreman's World Heads Up structure, so we're not planning for an early night.

The Irish team may tell you that the historic inaugural event in Merrion Square was a closely fought competitive affair which all went down to the final card. History records that we pipped 'em four nil and that the only thing we all went down to was the pub.

As Padraig said when starting his match with his team already three nil down, 'If I rescue the match now I'll really be a hero.'

The truth is, as our report at the time said, every match could have gone either way and we did get the rub of the green that night. So, we're taking nothing for granted in next week's return fixture.

The Irish for their part have been in intensive training for several months, watching old London's Burning tapes, studying Ram's online play for any signs of pre-flop aggression, looking up 'Elegance' in the dictionary and practicing dignified congratulatory speeches.

They have also made a few changes in their line-up. Padraig steps down as captain in favour of the steadying influence of respected veteran Christy 'The Mystery' Smith. This allows Padraig to take up a freer roll, and we expect that, unconstrained by the responsibilities of office he may be a little more vocal, which could give us a few problems in defence.

It will come as no surprise that the pride of all Ireland Andy 'The Saint' Black has been drafted into the side. Andy tops the Mob database All Ireland all time money list (Padraig is third) so, at least we know who'll be getting the first round in.

The fourth man is Paddy "Dusty" Mc Fadden, winner - we are told -of the Irish Poker League. Sounds a bit tasty.
The Mob have scored an initial tactical victory as we have refused to name our four man team before the match despite the Irish having named theirs. We are taking the defence of our title very seriously indeed.
There's a great line up of events at the City West Hotel from the 6th to the 8th with the deciding matches of the heads up challenge due to be played on Sunday night. Come and watch if you can. It's the best chance of an English side lifting a cup this side of summer in Germany.

Click here for the report of the first match in 2003

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