No Tart for Me

I managed to get it all-in on the first hand in the next Five Diamonds tournament I played. This time it was a very classically played AK v 10,10. I re-raised enough to be pot committed and then called. The woman in question is mad as a hatter and could have had anything. She then asked me why I hadn’t passed AK as it was the first hand. I thought that was a bit rich given that she was American, a nationality who are the World Leaders in overplaying the nut no pair.

Other European successes have come thick and fast. Ben Roberts copped (a doubtless much needed) $100k by coming 2nd in the $3000 and John Gale had a result for $30kish in one of the nightly 2nd chance tournaments. These are $500 20minute all-in fests which are good fun and in this particular one I was delighted to call an obvious bluff re-raise with KQ to find the guy on K8. He also gave me a particularly enjoyable rubdown as the eight arrived.

In one tournament I also got to play with Mark Teltscher who won the $5000 comp earlier in the week. He has now played 5 live tournaments and also won the EPT in London for about $800k profit so far.(excuse me one second while I just smash up the computer). Some people have found him a bit strange at the table and I guess his habit of asking people what they had the second they have lost a massive pot could be annoying. He could also get your goat a bit when he asks your opinion on a not particularly hand of his from earlier while you’re facing an all-in.

I personally found him fairly entertaining and I found myself remembering Dustin Hoffman’s excellent performance in Rain Man.

The satellites have not been treating me too good but I’m still persevering. In one I was cheered up when David Levy was a late arrival and sat next to me. First of all he made a big thing of saying he would have never played if he’d known I was in it and then much more quietly he confided he was having a terrible time as he’d now played 6 consecutive Bellagio tournaments without a final. He then asked why someone with my game hadn’t won a big tournament here yet. I paused for a second thinking it was a wind-up, and then on realising he was serious I tried to think of a suitably modest and reasonable response.

At that exact point I looked down at the aces and was distracted enough to raise under the gun. A loose player in middle position re-raised and I just called. On the 10,10,2 flop I checked and let him bet all-in. I called instantly and he waited until the river to make a house of fives.

David and I laughed hysterically and I pointed out that that was mostly why.

In between getting kings cracked by a rather odd call from J9 (he said he felt it coming) and trying to make one of those nut flush things.(it’s not nearly as easy as it looks) I was able to take my parents for a trip to The Wynn. I like it there and we ate at The Terrace Point Cafe. We might not have bothered if I’d have known their wonderful lemon tart is off the menu. They must have the same Desert of the Day Consultant as the Vic.

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