Wayne To

Our April 2003 mobster is Wayne To.


Wayne To
How do you know about the Hendon Mob :
Late Night Poker, the website and Bugsy's poker room
Hobbies / Interests :
Gambling, Gambling and er Gambling!
Favourite film :
Clerks by Kevin Smith
Favourite music :
Favourite person :
My girlfriend - Sonia
Favourite joke:

Quasimodo and Esmerelda are sitting at home together. Quasimodo is looking rather depressed and worried, Esmerelda asks him " whats's the matter darling?" Quasimodo answers in a really sad voice, "I'm sick and tired of being the ugliest bloke on this planet" Esmerelda replys "Honey, don't feel bad, I'm sure there are men in this world uglier than you. Why don't you go upstairs and ask the magic mirror to find out once and for all" Quasimodo picks himself up and drags himself upstairs to ask the magic mirror who the ugliest person on this planet is, almost certain it will be him. Some time later he tramples down the stairs with a puzzled look on his face. "Well?" Esmerelda asks, " What did the mirror say?".

To this Quasimodo asks, "Who the F*@K is Jimmy White?"